Consultations at the House of Deola are categorised into 3 types;

  1. CATEGORY A CONSULTATION: Requires no payment. The client is ordering from the House of Deola’s staple colours, existing colours or existing styles. This category requires no payment and the client meets with the Design Associate.
  2. CATEGORY B CONSULTATION: The client is ordering from The House of Deola’s current collection of colours and styles. The client will be meeting with the Creative Director for this consultation and it attracts a fee of NGN 45,000 per hour which is not deductible from the client’s final bill.
  3. CATEGORY C CONSULTATION: The client is requesting a customised outfit and will be meeting with the Head Designer/Founder. This consultation category attracts a fee of NGN 80,000 per hour and will not be deducted from the final bill.


Consultations at the House of Deola are held to ensure that the design team gets all necessary details from the client and guide the client towards choosing a befitting design and colour for the client. In the case where a new design is to be created for the client, the consultation helps the design to properly understand the wants and needs of the client. This will help the designer to translate these wants and needs into custom designs and outfits for the client.

Consultations are usually between the client and the design team. Clients should refrain from bringing more than one person as company to a consultation.

In a situation where the client is a couple and wish to wear matching outfits, they are advised to come together for the consultation.


Kindly note that consultation slots are to be strictly adhered to; if you arrive beyond 15 minutes into your allotted slot, we are unable to guarantee that the consultation will take place. Therefore, we strongly urge that you contact us well in advance if you are running late for your consultation.


Should you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment to a later date, we require a 24 hour notice period after which we will be unable to guarantee another slot immediately.

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