The following terms, conditions, and policies are binding on any individual or entity that has agreed to do business with Deola Sagoe Limited, The House of Deola, or any of its subsidiaries.


The accepted forms of payment at Deola Sagoe Limited include:

  • Cash payments
  • Bank Cheques
  • POS
  • Bank Transfer
  • International Cards
  • Online payments portals like Quickteller, Paystack and Paypal for online purchases on our E-commerce site.

Note: Clients are expected to have paid in full before orders are put into production. This policy must be strictly adhered to except in situations where management has given a waiver.


Deola runs a loyalty scheme to reward clients according to their yearly spends. Each customer is placed in a category which is determined by their annual spend at DEOLA SSAGOE LIMITED.

The following benefits will accrue to clients on management’s discretion;

  • Discount Category on Orders Members are entitled to discounts as determined by management.
  • Complimentary Requested Delivery: Within Nigeria only and in line with Deola delivery policy lead times.
  • Discount on Consultations: Half price on all consultations for qualifying member only. This discount cannot be extended to third parties.
  • Invitations to Private Showcases: VIP invitations to all events hosted by Deola Sagoe Ltd.
  • Personalized In-Store Service by Assigned Relationship Manager: Assigned relationship manager to handle all orders and offer additional services.


DEOLA approves garment rentals on a case-by-case basis. Approval is sought from the Head of Sales/Marketing before release of any garments.

Garment rentals at DEOLA are guided by the following policies:

  • Only sample garments are rented out. The Head of Sales/Marketing must give out additional approval in cases where non-sample garments are to be rented out.
  • The Garment Rental Agreement stating terms and conditions must be signed by both parties before releasing garments.
  • A refundable fee to be deposited before any garment is picked up. This fee is refunded upon return of the rented garment.
  • All garments must be returned clean and free of stains and body odour. A list of approved dry cleaners will be given to the borrowing party. All items returned will be properly assessed and cleaning fees will be deducted from initial deposit if necessary.
  • Garments may not be altered once released and must be returned in their original condition.
  • Damage charges will be incurred (and deducted from initial deposit) for broken zippers, detached garment pieces, make-up or other permanent stains that render the garment non-rentable.
  • Major damage to costumes will be assessed and charged at the replacement value of the garment.
  • Late fees will be incurred if garment is not returned on or before the stated return date. Any alterations to the return date should be communicated to DEOLA 48 hours prior to the due return date.



Requested Nationwide Delivery Policy:

  • Requested nationwide deliveries are billed at a 30% mark up on the DHL delivery rate
  • Delivery lead-time on nationwide deliveries is 2-3 working days. Please bear in mind that during holidays, this time may vary

Compulsory Nationwide Delivery

  • Compulsory nationwide deliveries are processed in the event of an error/fault made by the company
  • Deliveries are made at zero cost to the customer
  • Delivery lead time is ASAP, while delivery mode is left to the discretion of the company


Requested International Delivery
  • Requested international deliveries are billed at a 40% mark up on the DHL delivery rate
  • Delivery lead time to be communicated to the customer is the upper bound of the DHL delivery period (for that country) + 3 days

Compulsory International Delivery

  • Compulsory international deliveries are processed in the event of an error/fault made by the company
  • Deliveries are made at zero cost to the customer
  • Delivery lead time is ASAP, while delivery mode is left to the discretion of the company 


DEOLA is a bespoke brand and therefore does not offer Returns, Refunds or Exchanges on any purchases.


Alterations fall into two categories; requested alterations and compulsory alterations.

Requested Alterations: These alterations are requested by the customer at an additional charge.

Requested alterations are guided by the following policies:

  • An alteration becomes a ‘requested alteration’ after 2 weeks of the items purchase.
  • DEOLA Standard Alterations are charged at N5,000 per hour
  • DEOLA Standard Alterations have a lead time of 14 working days per item*
  • DEOLA Express Alterations are charged at N7,500 per hour
  • DEOLA Express Alterations have a lead time of  7 working days per item*
  • Alterations are billed per item

*These lead times are subject to Workshop Capacity

Compulsory Alterations: Compulsory alterations are alterations made to garments as a result of a fault/error from the company. These alterations are carried out free of charge are the cost is not to be passed on to the customer.

Requested alterations are guided by the following policy:

  • Customer must inform DEOLA Sales Team of the defect within 2 weeks of purchase.

Customer Discounts

All customers’ discounts are guided by the DEOLA Customer Loyalty Scheme and the DEOLA Referral Policy.


Consultations at the House of Deola are categorised into 3 types;

  1. CATEGORY A CONSULTATION: Requires no payment. The client is ordering from the House of Deola’s staple colours, existing colours or existing styles. This category requires no payment and the client meets with the Design Associate.
  2. CATEGORY B CONSULTATION: The client is ordering from The House of Deola’s current collection of colours and styles. The client will be meeting with the Creative Director for this consultation and it attracts a fee of NGN 45,000 per hour which is not deductible from the client’s final bill.
  3. CATEGORY C CONSULTATION: The client is requesting a customised outfit and will be meeting with the Head Designer/Founder. This consultation category attracts a fee of NGN 80,000 per hour and will not be deducted from the final bill.


Consultations at the House of Deola are held to ensure that the design team gets all necessary details from the client and guide the client towards choosing a befitting design and colour for the client. In the case where a new design is to be created for the client, the consultation helps the design to properly understand the wants and needs of the client. This will help the designer to translate these wants and needs into custom designs and outfits for the client.

Consultations are usually between the client and the design team. Clients should refrain from bringing more than one person as company to a consultation.

In a situation where the client is a couple and wish to wear matching outfits, they are advised to come together for the consultation.


Kindly note that consultation slots are to be strictly adhered to; if you arrive beyond 15 minutes into your allotted slot, we are unable to guarantee that the consultation will take place. Therefore, we strongly urge that you contact us well in advance if you are running late for your consultation.


Should you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment to a later date, we require a 24 hour notice period after which we will be unable to guarantee another slot immediately.


In the case that you are unable to come in for final measurements, you will be sent a House of Deola Measurement Generic Form along with a Key and Diagrams to assist you in filling the form. We recommend that you enlist the help of a professional to take the measurements. By requesting to use our Measurement Generic, you are agreeing that the House of Deola will not be held liable for any dissatisfaction resulting from inaccurate measurements being provided.


We recommend that each customer make themselves available within the course of two weeks for a minimum of two fittings before your event date. Your fitting could be scheduled up to a month before the event. Fittings are imperative and in line with best practice, as well as a crucial part of ensuring the fit and quality of our product. If for any reason you choose to forgo your fitting/s, we cannot take responsibility for any discrepancies in the fit of your item/s.


On booking a consultation, it is assumed that you have reviewed and approved the details provided by you on the consultation form

It is understood that no changes can be made to the details agreed upon after this consultation. It is also understood and confirmed that all information pertaining to the customer that may affect the fit of the Item, such as pregnancy or intention to lose weight, has been disclosed. It has been noted and understood that in order for production to commence; full payment of the requested item/s is required.


The questions asked in this form, although very personal, must be asked as they have a direct effect on the measurements we must take and the fit of your item/s. All information given on this form is entirely confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of The House of Deola.